#LYPfamily meet: Kait C.

Loving your pieces to me means loving EVERY bit of yourself. Not just certain aspects that society has told you are acceptable. 
I struggled for years with an eating disorder and depression. I never loved the way I looked, but the problem was that no matter how much weight I lost, I was NEVER happy with myself. This was because I didn't truly love myself. The day I decided I wanted to love myself was the day I started healing. My prayer is for everyone to learn to love themselves. To love every single piece of yourself every single day. Love yourself with or without makeup. Love yourself in whatever you wear. Love yourself with messy hair. Embrace and LOVE what society has told you are your "flaws". It's not easy when society is against you. But I am thankful for the amazing LYP Project, because with its support, you always have someone on your side.
 -Kait ?

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