#LYPfamily meet: Emily Mitchell

When Emily first came to us with her story- we will admit it shook us a little. Not because weren't glad she shared it with us but because it made us stop in awe at how much of a ray of light she comes off as, after enduring so much pain. It's people like Emily that keep us going and remind us to be kind to everyone you meet, because you truly never know what they've been through or could still be going through. We love your pieces Emily and we're so glad you decided to share your story with us.
You are radiant- never lose your shine!

I don't exactly know where to start. So I'll start from the beginning. In this there will definitely be some things missing just because there's too many details to remember. My parents were seperated but still married. I loved my father so much and my mother as well. But at the age of 8 my father met this women and she had 4 children.
She began telling me lies and pushing me against my father and my mother. Lies began to spread more and more until I was convinced that my parents were awful people. My life flipped upside down when my stepmother made us leave our home to go to my family farm.
After that move I became a personal slave to her kids and her herself. She kept telling me how awful my father was and how I shouldn't see me mother. I resented my father. I was rebellious and I didn't care about him anymore.
At the age of 11 I stopped seeing my mother permanently and I still seemed to have this guilt in my heart at times.
Everyday I woke up and I had chores. I cleaned and fed animals and then would go to school smelling. I wasn't allowed to shower. I wasn't allowed to eat certain foods that were my "step moms" or her kids food.
I was practically starved and forced to work and be a servant for them or I'd be blackmailed.
When I was 13, I was admitted into a mental institution in Vermont for the dumbest reasons. False accusations were thrown in my face and made me even look at myself differently. I was in for a week and I changed for the worst. I was in for a week and when I went home, I was practically forced to move outside into a camper because I wasn't "trusted". It was a good choice for me too because I was away from the chaos at times.
After I was in the institution I began self harming on my wrists and my legs. I wanted to die every day I woke up. And then when I'd get away from those thoughts my step siblings would remind me how worthless I was or how I should just kill myself because I'm nothing.
I had my rights taken away and I had my soul taken by one women with some kids. She ripped my life away from me to only turn out to be a slave. My father was abusive in both physical and emotional ways.
So here's the big part. I can't remember the date, but I know it was a sunny warm day outside. I walked into a shed next to my room and found a knife block and sat there with one in my hand saying to myself "just do it". I remember sitting there for a few minutes just thinking and I put the knife down. And I stood up and went back to my room and laid down. A few months after, my stepmom moved out and I couldn't go because my Father wouldn't allow me to. So I left, and after 4 very long years I moved in with my mother who mourned for me as if I had died.
I know today, that she's the reason why I didn't off myself. I continued on and pulled through at my dads because there was a reason for me living.
This is only some of it but this is the most important stuff that I could get out without dragging this on.
I love my life today because I am with my mother. My father and I are okay again and I haven't seen my ex stepmother in about 4 or 5 years.
Although I am still haunted by her and her abuse through my father to me, and the fact that she ruined my life-- I have overcome it all.
Thank you for listening.

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  • Hi everyone, I’m Emily’s Mom. Emily and I are together and closer than ever. I never gave up hope and July 2, 2012, she walked back into my salon. Not sure of what to expect, our lives unfolded, and one day at a time, we were able to grow and get to know eachother. We worked through the pain and uncertainty and together endured what we thought we had lost forever….love!!!

    Shannon spaulding aka "Mom"

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