#LYPfamily meet: Jasmyn

, my name is Jasmyn. I am a college student and I grew up around Northern California and the East Coast with a full blooded Brooklyn Jewish family. No one in my family really has a good body image and I was not taught one growing up. In fact, I was slut shamed for trying to love and enjoy my body and instead of celebrating ourselves and this life here, I was constantly reminded to cover myself and feel ashamed if I was looked at lasciviously. As I got older, I became aware of several medical conditions I have affecting my organs, skeleton/ligaments and GI tract. I hated my body more than ever as I was in constant pain either from these bizarre symptoms or repercussions from past eating disorders I had. I'm not ashamed to say it took a friend showing the kind of affection I thought only existed in books and movies to prove to me that I could be celebrated and loved without being ashamed of. We grew into a relationship and my self-esteem flourished with his reassuring care and the care I was finally able to show myself with practice and lots of patience. This is what loving your pieces means to me: that even if your body is falling apart around you, if you can't digest food, if your family is ashamed of the natural form we were born to, and even if you feel the same way deep inside yourself too, there is love in this world and with that love, you can bring yourself to love your pieces and be happy and at peace with yourself.
Be gentle to yourself, you are your oldest and dearest friend.
(It’s cheesy but if you ever get THIS ^ you can take yourself to whatever heights you aspire to)
Love, Jasmyn <3

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