#LYPfamily meet: Desirae Samantha

The LYP Project is about loving your pieces. Last year I sailed through a pretty decent shit storm that left me feeling a little weaker than when I started. It wore me out and I couldn't control what was happening around me but how I dealt with it was my choice. This year, equipped with some more tools in my get-through the shit storm toolbox I feel more motivated, more in-tune with me. That's important. Learn to listen to what your mind and body are telling you - sounds like some serious hippy shit but I really do believe that. It may not be as easy as "taking control or getting over it" but maybe it's taking control to seek help or becoming the change you need or helping someone else along their rocky path. Mental illness is no joke and that's what the @theLYPproject is all about, loving ourselves enough to become better. We're all going through/been through or will go through something that changes us, may as well go through our storm with a crew then sail it alone. 

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