#LYPfamily meet: Lindsey Nichole

I’m generally a happy person, at least that’s how most see me as.I would do anything I possibly could for anyone if it helped brighten their day in any way. I suffer from persistent depressive disorder. Some days are easy going,others can be rough. I don’t take medication because it always made me feel uncomfortable.I’ve tried therapists but they never seem to help.
But what I’ve found to help me is being active. I try to go out, explore new places. I enjoy photography, I’ll write, doodle here and there. It relaxes me and I feel more focused. I usually keep to myself about it but I’ve been opening up more to things, knowing that I am not alone,there are others suffering the same or fighting a battle of their own.
I really lack confidence in myself some days and there are mornings that I wake up positive,ready for anything. Some days are just discouraging,anything I don’t agree with upsets me or makes me angry. I just have to remind myself that things are okay and get better in time. Things aren’t meant to be easy or perfect, you just have to make the best of what you have and push forward. You have to love yourself, every bit of yourself. All of your pieces.


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