#LYPfamily meet Emily H:

Hey I'm Emily Humiston & I'm 18. I wanna share my story because I finally feel like I'm winning. My life started out somewhat normal mom had me at 18yrs old,my dad didn't wanna be my dad he walked out when I was 2yr old and my mother moved on and married my step dad.My step dad was my hero for the first 11yrs of my life.. once him and my mother got divorced I was treated different. everything was my fault. I was treated the stereotypical way for a step child. It hurt I didn't lose my bio dad but also the man that was in my life being my father figure. I stopped going to his house and about 2 months later on July 9th 2012.. I lost my mother to a brain aneurysm. But not only did I lose my mother but also my two little sisters my step dad wouldn't let me see them for almost 3yrs.. throughout those 3yrs I suffered from depression on top of being bi polar.. it was a constant battle.. losing myself time after time.. I felt like I was never gonna win. I thought I would never be able to one day look in the mirror and love myself. but I think it's time for me to start loving my pieces.
- Emily @em.ilyyyyy

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