#LYPfamily meet: Gabrielle S.

To me loving your pieces means more than loving the reflection in the mirror (although I 100% struggle with that too) it's deeper than that. It's accepting myself for who I am. My whole adult life I have struggled with clinical depression and social anxiety. My father abandoned my family after years of physical and emotional abuse and left me scarred beyond repair. At fifteen years old I already understood that I should hate myself and pass judgement on myself the way he did. In the years following I went through hell trying to figure out who I was on top of working through the trauma I had faced. I struggled with my depression and with relating to others deeply and there where times when I felt like I had nobody. I had extreme insomnia which lead me to become addicted to sleep aids. At my worst I was a walking 90lb ghost, addicted to substances and self harm, my self image was completely destroyed. And then something amazing happened. I began my love affair with nature. Through hiking and spending time in nature. I was able to step away from all the preconceived ideas I had about myself and see myself for who I really am. A child of the universe, unique and  significant. Through time and some very supportive people I was able to come out at the other end a new woman. I understand now that although I may never be fully repaired, it doesn't mean I'm any less of a person and it doesn't mean I can't love myself. For me loving my pieces is about accepting myself for exactly who I am, the me behind my appearance. My scars, my awkward humor, my depression, my spirit and everything in between. Today I still struggle, I still don't like myself some days, but I find that those days are growing more scarce and my good days more frequent. And I'm happy with that. :) 


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