#LYPfamily meet: Marina B.

I guess i'll start with my name. I'm Marina Baasch. I'm 23 years old! and I'm an Empath. an empath is someone with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of someone else. It's been about 4 months now that I have found this special key to my life....but an entire lifetime built up of living this way. 
To describe it better; my entire life I've been lost. that "who. am. i. " type of lost. I knew i was different. just couldn't figure it out .. why do i have such bad anxiety? more than an average? why can i sense other peoples feelings? are these feelings even my own? why can i sense when something isn't right? why do i experience heartbreak multiple times a day? why do I literally put every person and their life in front of me?  I've been told my whole life i'm too sensitive. About 6 months ago i would say, is when my depression hit. The recognition of how much i REALLY hated myself...i hated the way i looked, the way i acted. the way i was. I'm no fun. I can't do anything without panicking. I started to lose a little bit of weight because of how little i was eating. throwing up every morning from such an overwhelming night sleep.... until one day i researched what's wrong with me? I took a personality test which then told me i'm an Empath. I spent hours googling about this word. Who knew that just one single word can be your ENTIRE life? That your soul feels touched with heavy, deep, chills even from simply hearing that one single word? I have found that missing piece.. and it's been me the entire time. How dare we think we can't make ourselves happy? Independently. I no longer question what's wrong with me? I now question myself on how can I improve to be a better me? I have found my answer why I was put here. I was put here to help others, and my next step was/is helping myself. From here on out, I vouch to always take care of myself and embrace who i am. I want to learn more about Empaths and how i can live a less stressful life. I can't wait to reach my goals, and i can't wait to use my knowledge for others.  
Thank you for allowing me to share a piece of my story ❤❤❤
- Marina Baasch

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