#LYPfamily meet: Sasha Marie

I've always struggled with myself. The never ending battle in my head. The question why was I always the outcast. Trying so hard to fit in just to get made fun of on a daily basis. The constant thought in my head that I wasn't good enough, nor never will be. The everyday battle with my appearance, my body, everything. Looking at someone thinking why can't that be me? The sadness that was inside of me was so painful. Trying daily to hide it with a smile on my face. Once it finally hit me that comparing myself to others wasn't right. I started doing me, focusing on me & me only. To find the peace to end the battles in my head. Once all of that happened I embraced myself inside & out. I stopped worrying what others would say, do, or think. I just did what made me happy, what made me feel beautiful. I have curves I've always hated, now I love them. They make me, me. Everyone is unique & I want everyone to show it. Don't be scared, it'll only hold you back. I found that out the hard way. I've had a near death experience a few years ago. I tell myself this & others, life is too short. Cut out the negative thoughts. Replace it with positivity, always be kind, live free, love yourself & others. Be true to yourself. Love your pieces.
- Sasha

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